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Triumph motorcycle clothing has to do a lot more than your average garmnet. First, it has to keep you safe. Then it has to keep you warm in the freezing cold, dry in the pouring rain and fresh in a heat wave. It has to do all this without compromising your wish to look pretty damn cool.

And you know what? It succeeds. Thanks to clever design, attention to detail and hours of testing by our high mileage test riders.

Triumph's casual clothing doesn't have quite as many unreasonable demands made on it. But we've made sure it still performs off the bike, wherever you happen to be.

See what make Triumph clothing so individual in our separate Clothing and Personal Accessories Brochure.

Triumph Accessories

Triumph Accessories. Shaken, not stirred.

Before entering this site of mechanical, leather, chrome & carbon fiber delights, set on making your Triumph even more individual, please read the following:

All Triumph Accessories are designed, tested & launched in parallel with the bike they are intended for. We don't build a machine and then look around for see what we can bolt on. When it is still taking shape out of wood and clay, so are Triumph Accessories.

All Triumph Accessories have to live through the exact same endurance tests as the prototype bike, including a special track that shrinks the equivalent of 120,000 miles of riding in to just two weeks.

Fully accessorized bikes are driven thousands of miles by Triumph test riders on road, off road, in all types of weathers, in the UK and overseas. Just to make sure everything performs like it has to in the real world.

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